Doug Wagner

President, CEO

Doug, a graduate of Lougheed Business College, can best be described as a pioneer and entrepreneur, with a proven 45 years of business experience. At the age of 20 Doug established a fertilizer company and over the next 28 years built his company, Alpine Plant Foods Ltd., into a bi­‐national company doing in excess of $20 million in annual sales. Upon the sale of that company to a private equity firm, Doug completed the Canadian Securities Course and experienced 18 years in the securities industry. In addition to running that business, Doug has completed several commercial and residential land development projects that involved acquiring land, obtaining all of the necessary permits and approvals, arranging financing and construction and the eventual sale. Currently, along with two partners, he is involved with developing a 490 unit adult lifestyle community in South Western Ontario.

Doug has served on the board of numerous not for profit organizations and is also active in the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Doug’s persistence and determination was demonstrated when he recently climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.