44% of UK Homeowners Want Solar and Storage by 2020

According to a new UK research, almost half of those asked would like to see solar and storage installed in their homes by 2020. The survey of 2,000 homeowners conducted by utility E.On has brought optimism for the recovery of Britain’s domestic market.  

When asked about the types of smart technologies desired in their homes, 44% said they would like solar panels and/or energy storage installed by the end of the decade.

Of those who already have solar, 76% said they are saving money and 30% have increased the value of their homes as a result of having solar panels installed.

Gavin Stokes, head of commercial solutions at E.ON UK, said: “Many of the people we spoke to are already aware of the benefits solar and battery systems can bring – from saving money, to having a more energy efficient home, to making homes more appealing to buyers.”

The rapid growth of energy storage in Europe and North America proves to be an optimistic signal for the future of renewable energy. Saturn Power is especially confident as we have co developed and are currently constructing several utility scale Lithium-Ion and Flow Battery projects in North America.

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