Atlantic Canada: Communities Back Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is quickly becoming a key economic sector in Atlantic Canada. Total renewable energy capacity in the region has reached 1,150 MW, with significant plans for further clean energy installations. Prince Edward Island, one of the first provinces to make renewable energy targets, now has over 30% of its energy deriving from wind; the first of North American jurisdiction to achieve this milestone.

The rapid growth of renewables in Atlantic Canada is being fueled by world class research. Universities and institutes throughout the region are conducting leading-edge R&D into clean energy technologies. Innovation on the east coast has recently gained the backing of the federal government, where $1.5 million was granted to the City of Summerside, PEI to install a solar energy gathering and energy storage system which is being installed Behind the Fence (Behind the Meter) at Credit Union Place

Solutions to global environmental challenges represent a growing world market for new technologies and new innovative businesses. Atlantic Canada is well-positioned to export clean energy to the northeast U.S. where the looming retirement of thousands of megawatts of aging coal and nuclear plants, and increasingly stringent renewable energy portfolio standards have left states looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions. Replacing polluting coal generation and aging power plants in Atlantic Canada is a second avenue of potential growth.

Atlantic Canada's renewable energy sector is teeming with opportunities. A number of green technologies –including tidal, wind, solar power and targeted hydro – are being developed to diversify the region's energy supply. In particular, Community Solar projects are emerging across the region. New Brunswick Power and Nova Scotia Power have plans to involve cooperatives and First Nation communities to build and own renewable power projects. Utilities would buy the energy produced from these projects on long term agreements.

Saturn has been supporting initiatives for the development of Community Solar projects in Atlantic Canada and beyond. The primary purpose of Community Solar is to allow members of a community the opportunity to share the benefits of solar power even if they cannot or prefer not to install solar panels on their property. Project participants benefit from the electricity generated by the community solar farm, which costs less than the price they would ordinarily pay to their utility.

Saturn Power understands firsthand the benefits of community solar initiatives. As a flexible, and experienced renewable power developer with over 200 MW of projects in development, construction, and operation we have found success in this niche market. Our team has the ability to provide value at every stage of community energy projects from in-house services for engineering design and energy production analyses to land acquisition, equipment procurement, and construction, we have the ability to develop and build cost-efficient projects for various project types.  As a partner, we can help support your initial project investigation, prepare bids for RFQs and RFPs, and negotiate power purchase contracts.  We will bring the project opportunity to your community.