Corporate Opportunities

Reduce operating costs while achieving your sustainability goals

Saturn Power can help your organization lower your electricity bill through renewable energy projects, and it is surprisingly easy.  

We can work together to size and structure a project to meet your financial and sustainability goals. Whether you would like to go 100% green, offset a portion of your current electricity needs, or purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) we will find the best solution.

Saturn Power Inc. is an experienced, flexible and bankable renewable power developer with over 200 MW of renewable power projects in development, construction, and operation. 

Our global team provides in-house services for engineering,energy production analysis, land acquisition, equipment procurement,construction, and operations which allows us to develop cost efficient projects.

We can help your business acquire greater control over one of the largest expenses for today’s businesses. 

Depending on your region and its evolving energy market, we can provide:

  • On-site net-metering with a solar facility
  • Virtual net-metering with an off-site solar facility or wind facility
  • Behind-the-fence (“behind-the-meter”) solar facility
  • Battery energy storage solutions
  • Bulk purchase of certified Renewable Energy Certificates

FLEXIBLE PROJECT SIZES ranging from 1MW to 30MW (1.2 GWh to 36 GWh per year

CUSTOM TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS based on energy consumption, location and financial goals

CUSTOM POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENTS to meet your needs and expectations

While energy rates continue to increase and become more volatile, a custom solar solution provides economical and predictable energy rates.  Behind-the-fence solutions also eliminate costly distribution charges which can contribute significantly to your annual bill.

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