How is Canada Advancing Energy Storage?

The increasing role of energy storage in Canada is changing the future outlook for grids across the country. Energy Storage projects are on the rise as new legislative changes being made across Ontario and Alberta which could shake up the industry sooner rather than later.

On July 1, 2017 Ontario’s net metering regulation was amended in order to allow renewable energy facilities of any size with an energy storage component to be eligible for net metering, whereas prior this was not permitted.

Alberta has announced the introduction of a capacity market, which experts believe will spur renewable energy projects paired with energy storage throughout the province. 

According to NEB’s Market Snapshot on energy storage in Canada, over 50 MW of battery capacity is expected to be operational in Canada by 2018.

Saturn Power is playing a big role in the push for renewable energy in Canada. Saturn Power in partnership with Powin Energy, Hectate Energy and Festival Hydro is currently building Canada’s largest energy storage facility with a capacity of 12.8 MWh. This site combined with another in Kitchener, Ontario will provide frequency regulation, voltage control, and reactive power support.

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