Introducing the Green Cone Compost Zones

The Saturn Sustainability Committee is excited to announce that we have added a Green Cone Compost Zone program to our headquarters in Baden, Ontario.  This Green Cone Solar Digester is a 100% natural composting system, which utilizes sunlight to break down food and other biodegradable materials. We decided that composting on site was a good decision for a couple of reasons.

In composting, we will provide nutrients to microorganisms and worms, which will in turn maintain the health of our soil.  Our founders have an intimate connection with farming, which has transferred to our value for the land and its soil.  Contributing to the nutrient-rich soil on our property allows us to continue maintaining this value, in not just our services, but also in our corporate culture. 

Composting on site reduces the amount of energy used to transport our organics to the appropriate facility as well. Saturn Power is working with the Sustainable Waterloo Region to reduce our use of resources in various ways. By eliminating the use of energy to transport biodegradable material, and harnessing the natural energy of sunlight to decompose waste on site, we will reduce our CO2 emissions.

This program will also reduce the chances that an employee will dispose of organics improperly, by providing more convenient access to the appropriate processing system and designating multiple compost zones. By reducing the possibility of improper disposal, we can decrease our production of methane.  In addition to the environmental benefit, setting up an organic disposal program with clear instructions will help us meet this year’s waste diversion target, which will contribute to our progression in becoming a more sustainable company.

With our green cone, we will utilize fruits, vegetables, bread, dairy, tea bags, coffee grinds, fish, meat, poultry, egg shells, and even bones to provide nutrients to the soil, while also reducing our CO2 and methane emissions.  Saturn Power is striving for a sustainable world from our services to our everyday practices, and this Green Cone Compost Zone is our next step in doing so. 

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