Islanded or Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Islanded or off-grid solutions are an incredible way to reduce power costs and decrease facility risk.  In many cases this method is both possible and practical as it may be cheaper to than extending power lines to your location.

Does the generation meet my load demands?

The short answer is yes, however the generation is not always happening simultaneous to when it is being used as such islanded or off-grid systems will use a storage medium to hold power until it is needed.  Islanded solutions can also be accomplished by using different sources of power to create the needed power, this may include utilizing solar-diesel or wind-diesel combined generation to ensure the facility is never at risk.

 Battery systems can also be sized alongside system components to ensure that sufficient capacity is always available for the facility.  Storage systems have heavily increased and are able to utilize a number of different mediums that decrease O&M costs while ensuring longevity that meets the timeline for the facility.

With an understanding of all different structures for Power Purchase Agreements and the ability to invest dependent on the size and the need of the facility, Saturn Power is prepared to support development of renewables globally and have the expertise and experience to support all types of renewable projects