Metered Connections

Do Metered Connections Make Sense for You?

Metered connections allow for little complication throughout the settlement process. They are a simple mechanism to compensate a power producer only on what is produced. In jurisdictions where there are strong relationships with the utility/government, there are known incentives or there is the desire to separately control a renewable generation facility a metered connection is a well-suited configuration for a PPA.

All power generated from the renewable plant is directly fed to the grid and settlement occurs utilizing the direct metered connection.  The load customer is unaffected by the installation as they continue to settle directly with the utility or power provider. 

A metered connection is most commonly utilized with a Feed-In-Tariff or Standing Offer Contract where the utility makes a direct payment based on the amount of power produced.   Settlement is readily completed with smart meters that directly monitor the amount of power that is produced.

With an understanding of all different structures for Power Purchase Agreements and the ability to invest dependent on the size and the need of the facility, Saturn Power is prepared to support development of renewables globally and have the expertise and experience to support all types of renewable projects