Saturn Power and the Importance of Earth Day

On April 22nd, the world celebrated Earth Day. To a company like Saturn, built on the desire to see a safe and sustainable planet, we understand and stress the importance of such an event, as described by our founder and CEO, Doug Wagner: “Earth Day is a stark reminder how fragile this planet is. Each of us must strive to leave the next generation a planet as good or better than we found it.” With better technology and the increased viability of renewable projects like solar and battery storage, now is the time to increase awareness of the solution our industry has found. For years, our moral compasses directed us in the pursuit of a sustainable future. With recent paradigm shifts, we can now safely say that pursuing a sustainable solution makes both social and economic sense. Saturn has done its part, with solar projects around the world. Our Oregon solar sites recently opened for operations, and we continue to look for opportunities to contribute to the global energy renewable revolution.

Internally, the roots of Saturn Power have always had a vested interest in the condition of our earth and the land. Both of our founders, Doug Wagner and Ray Roth have backgrounds in agriculture ventures and land development. Ray himself credits his farm upbringing as the reason for his commitment to stewardship of all lands: “I grew up on a farm and still live on a farm. If you don’t respect the land, you lose, if we all don’t respect nature, we all lose.”

Ray’s sentiments echo throughout all of Saturn Power. We all believe in the benefits of investment in the land and the future. This Earth Day, we stress the importance of his message, and what it means to both ourselves and the future: “We do not own our land it belongs to our grandchildren, we have a responsibility to give it back to them better than we received it.”

Saturn Power has developed many renewable projects in the past, and we are on track to continue the rising trend in 2018. We project to implement over 75MW of renewables and technology in 2018 alone. We will continue to strive for our Corporate Vision to create a sustainable environment for future generations by advancing the use of clean energy.