Shipping containers packed with batteries will help balance power grid


Via- Kitchener Record

The white shipping containers at the substation for Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro at 59 Graber Place will play an important role in providing electricity as more renewable power is produced

Currently, there are 10 shipping containers on the property with batteries that can take a charge and discharge electricity at the same time. That facility can provide two megawatts of electricity to the grid for three hours.

"It will likely be operational by the end of the year," said Gabriel Wapner, Hecate's director of development. "It is being commissioned next month."

The IESO monitors and balances the province's grid on a second-by-second basis, which becomes trickier as more electricity is produced by solar panels and wind turbines. Electricity production from renewable sources is intermittent — during the day for solar, and mostly at night for wind — so power storage facilities like the one of Graber Place are needed to ensure there is enough to meet demand during peak hours in the mornings and evenings.

"Energy storage allows you to store the energy generated at night and deploy it during the day," said Wapner.

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