What We Do

Whether we are working with the government or directly with utilities, we bring ideas, knowledge and a perspective of stewardship. We know how to get things done.

To get to the right energy mix, we get our hands dirty (literally) and fully explore the immediate needs of our customers, clients and partners, while paying close attention to overall sustainability, long-term interests and future energy demands.

Our founders have a long history and connection to farming the land. That history serves the core philosophy of Saturn Power. Through honest hard work, expertise and relentless determination, we cultivate effective energy solutions that earn the respect of our clients.

It’s what we do.

The public’s growing expectation for clean energy sources must be met with well thought, long-term and responsible answers.

Balancing this expectation alongside the need for project bankability happens through inventive planning and mindful execution that takes both aspects into account. It is more than possible to achieve cost-effective, efficient and productive results, while respecting the environment.

We work with organizations that are ready to embrace natural energy solutions with wind and solar power developments. From financing to planning, building and long-term facility operation, we know how to create, complete and maintain natural energy projects.

To every development, we bring extensive experience, training and capabilities, as well as a wide network of partners and consultants. Our proven approach allows us to deliver the exact expertise your project needs for a nimble and creative energy solution.

Our Developer & Independent Power Production Services Include:

  • Power Purchase Agreement Negotiation
  • Environmental Permitting
  • First Nations Consultation & Construction
  • Site Identification & Land Agreement Negotiations
  • Utility Connection Agreements
  • Financial Structuring
  • Construction Management
  • Project Commissioning