Who We Are

Our Vision:

To create a sustainable environment for future generations, by advancing the use of clean energy.

Our Mission:

To develop, design, build and operate renewable energy generation and storage facilities, while providing rewarding career opportunities for our employees, and acceptable returns to our investors.

Our Values:

- work as a team 
- value each others talents and abilities
- treat all team members with respect
- use honesty and integrity with all stakeholders
- educate and foster positive relationships within the communities that we work
- give encouragement and show appreciation
- continue to learn and improve

Saturn Power is active in all areas of development including:

  • Site identification & Land Agreement Negotiations
  • Utility Connection Agreements
  • Fostering Community Support
  • Municipal requirements
  • Equipment & Supplier Relationships
  • Financial structuring
  • Construction Management
  • Project Commissioning
  • Global Adjustment Mitigation


Saturn Power is proud to belong to: