Global Adjustment and the Battery Revolution

Your Business' Electricity bill has often been regarded as a fixed cost, with operations requiring a certain amount of energy every billing cycle. Have you taken the time to see the breakdown of your energy billing? Most people don’t realize the difference in pricing that industrial customers incur, where they are billed for their high usages during peak hours.


A 100% Renewable Energy Future

A world of renewable energy has long been the goal for many in our industry. We are constantly working towards making that future a reality.

It may be closer than we thought.

A new article published in the journal Joule suggests that a 100% renewable energy future is possible for 139 countries around the world.


Consumer vs Prosumer

Graphic by Sarah Harman

Consumers have been taking energy from the grid for over a century now. But this trend is starting to change.

"Prosumers" are starting to shift consumer patterns and how we power our homes.


Saturn Power's Roots

In the early days of renewable energy, the industry comprised of large companies playing a high stakes game. The environment was impossible for small companies to compete in. However, in 2006 the game changed with the introduction of Ontario’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program. RESOP effectively opened the door to smaller companies looking to develop wind or solar projects up to 10 MW.


Are Nano Solar Cells the Future of Energy?

Recent advances in solar energy will help further the public use of photovoltaic (PV) solar generation by reducing solar costs to reach parity with fossil fuels. Price reductions in the solar industry have been due, in large part, to using cheaper and readily available materials. However, researchers are developing new technologies that will turn the energy market upside down.



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