Saturn Power's Roots

In the early days of renewable energy, the industry comprised of large companies playing a high stakes game. The environment was impossible for small companies to compete in. However, in 2006 the game changed with the introduction of Ontario’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program. RESOP effectively opened the door to smaller companies looking to develop wind or solar projects up to 10 MW.


Are Nano Solar Cells the Future of Energy?

Recent advances in solar energy will help further the public use of photovoltaic (PV) solar generation by reducing solar costs to reach parity with fossil fuels. Price reductions in the solar industry have been due, in large part, to using cheaper and readily available materials. However, researchers are developing new technologies that will turn the energy market upside down.


Atlantic Canada: Communities Back Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is quickly becoming a key economic sector in Atlantic Canada. Total renewable energy capacity in the region has reached 1,150 MW, with significant plans for further clean energy installations. Prince Edward Island, one of the first provinces to make renewable energy targets, now has over 30% of its energy deriving from wind; the first of North American jurisdiction to achieve this milestone.


Metered Connections

Do Metered Connections Make Sense for You?

Metered connections allow for little complication throughout the settlement process. They are a simple mechanism to compensate a power producer only on what is produced. In jurisdictions where there are strong relationships with the utility/government, there are known incentives or there is the desire to separately control a renewable generation facility a metered connection is a well-suited configuration for a PPA.



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