Our Team

Redefine Natural Energy. Together.

Our team is passionate about being part of the solution to providing clean, sustainable renewable energy. All the members of the Saturn Power Team have deep experience in their respective fields, with high quality and complementary educational backgrounds, professional qualifications, and operational experience. Collectively, the Saturn Power team has over 50 years of renewable energy development experience and is exceptionally skilled in all areas of power development including siting, land use planning, financing, construction and operation. Team members have a wealth of industry experience having worked at premier engineering and development firms, top international investment banks, and leading legal firms. 


Our Executive Team

Founder, CEO
Founder, COO
Vice President, Finance
Vice President, General Counsel
CIO, Vice President Strategic Capital
Vice President, Engineering

Our Board Members

Chairman of the Board
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member

Our Team

Abdul Hanan
Jr. Project Manager
Adam Rowles
Jr. Project Developer
Ahmet Oztepe
Director of Development (Turkey)
Alisa Gillam
Land Acquisition Specialist
Bob Schmiedendorf
Land Acquisition Specialist
Bogdan Dinu
Project Developer
Brad Adams
Construction Manager
Dan Micallef
Sr. O&M Technician
Daniel Stepniak
O&M Technician
Daniel Smith
Land Acquisition Specialist
Dave Carscadden
Sr. Project Developer, Western Canada
Dave Patterson
Director, Real Estate & Stakeholder Engagement
Devin Petteplace
Business Support Administrator
David Heiduck
Director, Project Development
Eileen Turano
Project Developer
Heather Spittal
Drafting Technician
Grant Johns
Manager, Energy Storage Engineering
Josh Embury
O&M Technician
Josh Rabe
Key Account Manager
Julia Kossowski
Director, Project Development
Larry Henry
Construction Manager, International & USA
Laura Reiding
Lisa Neeb
General Accountant
Mayur Agarwal
Investment Associate
Muhammad Hadi
Senior Accountant
Mike Gupta
Manager, Operations & Maintenance
Nicholas Zsofcsin
Manager, Storage Development
Nina Isinguzo
Jr. Project Developer
Shanna Li
Jr. Legal Counsel
Sharon Rai
Steven Farrugia
Project Accountant & Contract Manager
Tim Banic
Health & Safety Coordinator
Tracy Morris
Executive Assistant
Tyson Zehr
Investment Analyst